Damian Boldt

I am a graduate student in the Political Science Department at Florida State University. Substantively, my research primarily focuses on the interplay between political violence and international relations. In ongoing research, I explore how bilateral naming and shaming shapes foreign audience support for political violence. I also examine whether elites that name and shame experience a cost in the form of lower support in the foreign audience. In a separate strand of my research, I explore how the legacy of political violence shapes international-facing attitudes such as support for international conflict. In one research project, I explore these questions using the case of slavery in the U.S. South. In a separate project with co-authors, I explore the effects of exposure to bombing during WWII.

Methodologically, I am primarily interested in the application of causal inference techniques. In one strand of my research, I apply experimental methods. In another strand of my research, I apply causal inference techniques for observational data including time-series cross-section matching methods and methods for estimating controlled direct effects with observational data.