Damian Boldt

I am a graduate student in the Political Science Department at Florida State University. Substantively, my research primarily focuses on the interplay between local political violence and international relations. I approach substantive questions from both direction -- both how local political violence shapes international relations, and how international relations and foreign policy decisions shape local political violence. In a current working paper, I examine how the legacy of slavery in the U.S. South shapes attitudes towards international security cooperation and international conflict. In a current work in progress, I study how state naming and shaming affects support for policies and leaders that are associated with political violence using a survey experiment in the Philippines. I also work on political methodology, in particular the area of causal inference. One area of research that I have great interest in is improving causal inference using time-series cross-sectional (TSCS) or panel data. In a current work in progress, I clarify for applied researchers the counterfactuals that more modern empirical tools incorporate into estimates, and I develop a framework for applied researchers to declare their counterfactual of interest.